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World Wide All Temple LIVE 2021

 Mahashivaratri is the night of Lord Shiva's quote on earth. Today is the festival of Maha Shivratri. Long lines of devotees can be seen in Somnath to pay obeisance to Mahadev.

World Wide All Temple LIVE 2021

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It is to be mentioned that following the guidelines of Corona, every devotee has to wear a mask while entering the temple and have his temperature checked. As well as passing through a sanitized tunnel. Round of social distances that have been made for the line of sight.

Mahashivaratri Somnath LIVE

 He will have to walk in line accordingly. Flowers, prasadis, materials brought from outside should be spread in the designated place of the temple. Keep walking in the line of darshan so that more people get the benefit of darshan, after darshan, you will have to go straight out without standing anywhere.



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mahakalesvara Mahadev Arti and live

The door of Somnath temple will be open for devotees for 42 consecutive hours

on Shivratri. Today, on the auspicious occasion of Shivratri, the first Jyotirlinga Somnath Mahadev has been wonderfully decorated. As soon as the door was opened at the time of Aarti, Devadhidev was seen in the supernatural decoration of Yajna. On this occasion people came from far and wide to see Dada's decoration. Thousands of devotees were blessed to see Mahadev. Devotees had reached the temple premises early in the morning to pay their respects. The timing of Somnath temple has been changed for the visitors during Shravan Mass. The Somnath Temple will be open to devotees for 42 consecutive hours from 4 am on the eve of Shivratri.

There will be Vedic worship

till today. Devotees will recite Rudri, Rudrashtak, Shiva Mahimna to please Bholenath. Devotees flocked to Jyotirlinga Somnath from late Wednesday night, the first attraction in Gujarat being the first Jyotirlinga, Somnath Mahadev. Vedic pujas, abhishekatmak laghurudra, rudri, billipatra, sankalp pujas are being performed till today. Devotees are offering Billy Patra, sugarcane juice, Panchamrut, water mixed with milk, black sesame, amla, to Mahadev.

The flower of Dhatura will be offered to Lord Shiva

. Aarti of four prahars is performed on the occasion of Shivaratri. In which the first prahar of 9 pm, the second prahar of 12 at night, the third prahar of 2 at night and the fourth prahar of 4 dawn will be performed Many devotees also fast on Shivratri. As a result, thousands of kilograms of cannabis will be sold in Ahmedabad from Sunday at the prices of sweet potatoes, suran, potatoes and fats. Bhang is very dear to Shivaji who is Avadhut. Devotees immerse themselves in bliss and consume bhang to worship Shiva. Even at the time of anointing, Shivaji is kept in bhang.

Devotees will be allowed to enter the Somnath temple only if they are wearing masks

Informing about the ongoing preparations for the celebration of Mahashivaratri in the company of Devaghidev Somnath Mahadev, who is sitting on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Dilip Chavda, an official of the temple trust, said Special arrangements have been made for a limited number of devotees to perform flag worship. The palanquin procession will leave at 9 am which will only go around the premises. On Shivratri, the Somnath temple and the entrance will be decorated with special scents, different flowers and colorful lighting. 

Live darshan of world famous temples

Hinduism is a religion of faith.  The Hindu people are religious and patriotic people.  Here you can do live darshan of various famous Hindu temples of the world.  There are many famous temples in the world with which the faith of Hinduism is associated.

  The people of India worship in world famous temples and maintain their religion.  Through this blog you can see live darshan of world famous temples.  Indian culture is a culture of architecture and art.  There were many Hindu kings during the Indian rule and Hinduism was propagated in many parts of the world.  During the reign of Hindu kings, their rule was seen all over the world. 

During this reign he established many Hindu temples in many parts of the world.  These temples are still world famous for their architecture and art.  People from many countries of the world are still coming to see the world famous temples spread all over the world.  Various temples of different sects of Hinduism are scattered in many corners of the world.The roots of religious faith in the world are very deep. 

The beliefs of the people are connected with the temple.  There are many world famous temples in the world which everyone has a dream to visit.  Views of world famous temples from all over the world are easily available here.  People of Hindu religion go to all corners of the world and visit world famous temples.  Many gods and goddesses are worshiped in these temples.  Even today, many such world famous temples have been visited by many people of Hinduism.  In Hindu temples, Aarti and Bhagwan are offered according to the time.  There is a belief in Hinduism that in the same way that human beings need everything, God also sleeps, wakes up, eats and at the same time performs welfare activities for the people.

  Many world famous temples are visited by seeking the blessings of God.  The world famous temples listed here include a number of temples that allow people to visit such world famous temples from the comfort of their own homes.People must visit the temples with which they are associated with various temples.  There are many world famous temples in the world that are also historically connected with the people. 

The faith of the people is equally connected with such historical and world famous temples of the world.The design and art of the world's most famous temples has been done by many architects and sculptors who are unimaginable.  Whenever you visit such a world famous temple, you too will have a wonderful experience seeing the architecture of this temple.  Through this blog, the benefit of visiting the world famous temples established in the world can be taken from home. 

There are many religious and devout people who cannot visit such famous temples of the world due to socio-economic or any other reason.  Through this blog, people who cannot visit this world famous temple for any reason can get the benefit of live darshan and even if they are at home, they can watch live world famous temples with just one click.

Free rickshaws will be provided from the parking lot to the temple for the disabled, disabled and elderly people coming to visit the temple and e-rickshaws, wheelchairs will be provided in the premises. A special medical team will also be deployed on this occasion.

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