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Check Your Name in Voter List. Search Voter detail with Election card.

  Check Your Name in Voter List. Search Voter detail with Election card. Matdar yadi ma tamaru nam sodho.

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Details of Voter List Correction Program by the State Election Commission

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The State Election Commission conducts a voter reform program for voters who participate in elections in the state from time to time.  Under the Voter List Correctional Program, the names of those voters are revised  If the birth date of a voter is incorrect then the date of birth date is also corrected.  The name and surname are also amended if the voter's name or surname is amended  As well as this, it is often said that sometimes when a voter changes his city or state, he participates in the program to change his address so that he / she can get the right of his / her voter wherever he / she has changed.  Can change.

Under the Voter List Correctional Program, the campaign is underway to improve the following.

Voters can correct if there is a mistake in their name. 

 Voters can correct if there is an error in their surname. 

 Voters can correct their father's name if there is a mistake.

 The voter can also correct it if there is a mistake in his birth date.  If the voter's address is in error, that address may be corrected.  

If a voter dies, his heirs can reduce his / her name from the electoral rolls.  When a voter changes his address, he can change the address, which means he can bring the change of address in the election card. 

Whenever a voter leaves a city or village to another city or village, he will still have the right to be his voter.  He can transfer his name wherever he goes

Most of the voter list reforms are done by the duty teachers in the state.  Often such voting list correctional programs also occur during the vacation, during the vacation, teacher friends return home and work to improve the electorate.  But these holidays can suffer.  These leave records are kept separately so that the friends who are working on vacation can get these holidays as compensation leave.  General Chat Chat Lounge  Such teachers often do not know when the voter list reforms program was initiated by the state government.  Here is a wonderful information on how many days the voter list reform program will be available to all teacher friends by clicking on the link below and you can download this information.

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Check Your Name in Voter List. Search Voter detail with Election card.
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