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The Government of Gujarat is constantly striving to ensure that school children can get a good education even in times of Koro epidemic.  Schools and colleges were closed when the government decided to lockdown during the Corona epidemic. 

It was not possible for children to be deprived of education in such difficult times.  In order for the children not to be deprived of education, the government has made arrangements so that the children can get education from home.  As part of the children's education at home, a program called study from home was organized by the government. 

Under the study from home program, students can take education with the help of various mediums.  This is a kind of e-learning program.

As part of this e-learning program, arrangements have been made by the government to enable children to take education from home.

  As a part of this planning, a weekly program has been organized by the government. As a part of this weekly planning, knowledge of various subjects is given to the students by the government from Monday to Friday.  These various subjects are academic subjects. These educational subjects have been organized monthly. 

According to this monthly plan, the knowledge of the unit in which the unit is to be run is imparted through various channels.  Sarkar Shri imparts knowledge of various subjects to the students through DD Girnar channel and also through an application called Diksha Portal.

 Educational guidance is given to children through this blog.  Children who for some reason cannot watch the program in DD Girnar will be able to watch various educational programs through this blog. 

These educational programs can be viewed by the students at their convenience. When these students cannot watch the program on television, they will be able to learn about it through mobile phones or smartphones.

This blog will be useful for students who want to get their education. Students who want to get academic knowledge and students who want to get knowledge of different subjects will be able to get different subjects and different educational knowledge through this channel.  This teaching knowledge will also help children to take different types of unit tests and write their answers.

This year NMMS examination is conducted for bright students studying in government and grant aided primary schools in standard eight. 

This exam is very important for students whose financial situation is not good.  Here is a quiz designed for students preparing for NMMS exam.  This quiz is very important for all the students of Gujarat who are studying in Std. VIII and who are preparing for the NMMS exam. 

Every day questions will be put here for all the students who want to take the NMMS exam.  The following four options will be given in the no questions for exam preparation.

Students who want to answer the questions have to choose the correct option from the given option.  Students get marks based on the correct option they have chosen.  The peculiarity of these questions is that you can know your marks immediately after giving the test.  If you answered a question incorrectly, you may know the correct answer. 

A test of ten such questions will be framed here every day.  Students who want to prepare for the NMMS exam can prepare for the NMMS exam by taking this exam.  Students who pass the NMMS exam are selected on the basis of merit.  Students who are included in the merit are given a scholarship of Rs. 1000 per month by the government.

The main purpose of NMMS exam is to help poor bright students. 

The test given here will be very useful for the students preparing for the NMMS exam.  Tests are put here daily to prepare for the NMMS exam in an orderly manner.  This exam is designed to help the poor bright student to pay for his education.  The main intention of the government is to give a scholarship of one thousand rupees during the month to the brilliant students who pass such an examination.  The NMMS exam asks questions based on various topics. 

🔥 *છેલ્લા બોલે છગ્ગો* 🔥 🎯 *આવનારી પરીક્ષા માટે Most IMP Topics* 📹 *Lecture : 1* 📹 👉 *ગુજરાતનો સાંસ્કૃતિક વારસો* 👉 ગુજરાત નો સાંકૃતિક વારસો નો વીડીયો અને આ લેકચર જોવા માટે - CLICK HERE 🔸 જેમાં આપને મળશે વિષય મુજબ ગુજરાતની *Best Faculty* નું માર્ગદર્શન. 🔹 પરીક્ષાલક્ષી મહત્વના મુદ્દાઓનું *Fast track Revision* 🔸 *Note બનાવવાની સાથે Concept Clear Vision* 🔹 *10 થી 15* માર્કસનું ક્વૉન્ટમ જમ્પ મેળવવા

The exam asks mathematical and logical questions based on general knowledge, various subjects studied.  Exam preparation can be helpful.  New questions are formed with the help of questions asked in previous NMMS exams and such new questions are put here. 

At the same time, the question paper has been prepared from the questions asked in the previous examination and efforts are made to make the students practice to answer such questions.  A variety of knowledge is imparted to the students through this blog.  Here educational news and various educational information is disseminated to students and teachers through various mediums.  All the students who are brilliant and are preparing for the NMMS exam are prepared for the exam by formulating various questions here.  Often there are also different types of videos that you can do better with exam preparation.

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