Wednesday 3 November 2021

Try a logic puzzle! Do you know the answer


Try a logic puzzle! Do you know the answer

Try a logic puzzle! Do you know the answer

I shudder at the thought of how an employee will be able to make a living at Rs 2,000 a month under the new enhanced pension scheme.  The ugly future looks like a retired police constable will be standing outside a wealthy businessman's bungalow as a security guard.  A retired teacher may be doing the housework herself or doing the work of a nanny.  A retired clerk of a Mamlatdar's office will be a salesman of a cloth shop.  The lucky one will get all this, the big question is who will give the job after the remaining 58 years !!!


What can an employee save if they talk about today's research?  Maybe if he saves, what interest does he get in the bank?  5 percent annually.  BP tablets are available in the market today for Rs.  One person puts a hundred rupees in the bank today.  Suppose that in ten years the rupee doubles and in 2031 it becomes two hundred rupees.  Now E.S.  What will be the price of BP pill in 2031?  Will the buses cost Rs.  Inflation has the wheels of a Ferrari and our savings are the wheels of a bicycle.  This means that you will have as many savings as you like, but only if their speed is higher than inflation, those savings will come in handy in old age!


, the fee for doing MBA in a private college in our country is Rs. 31 lakhs.  A normal two BHK flat costs Rs 45 lakh.  Even if the employee does only one of these two jobs, all his savings will be wasted from the mountain.  The implication is that you have to become a laborer once more to make a living in the past!  We have to consider "happiness" in what we get by being helpless.

An employee who has served the state and has to enjoy such "happiness" is considered a failure of the state.  The price of lifelong loyalty cannot be helplessness.  If you want to see an example of excellent employee service in the job, look at "Google".  Google pays a lifetime pension to the family of an employee who has been with the company for one year or twenty years.  The company believes that it is the responsibility of the entire family, not just the employee, after the employee joins the company.  If we leave our employee's family unattended, our company is in trouble, it is a disgrace on the head of our company ..... and that is why such companies are spread all over the world.

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Try a logic puzzle! Do you know the answer
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