Tuesday 21 December 2021

today's Horoscope

 today's Horoscope

 Aries🐐 (Chu, Che, Cho, La, Lee, Lu, Le, Lo, A)

 Today will give you mixed results.  At the beginning of the day, the work in which there is a fear of loss, after the middle of the day, seeing the benefit from them, you will have to change your decision.  Today, do not give advice to anyone even if necessary, otherwise you will be proved false.  Today there will be confusion in work business, fear of loss will be afraid to take risk, but today profit can be found only by taking risk, keep in mind that even today there will be lack of coordination with colleagues, due to differences of complete, intentional delay or work can be spoiled.  The inflow of money will improve as compared to other days.  There will be an atmosphere of fear in government work, the fear of getting entangled will haunt you.  Misunderstandings in the domestic environment will create ideological distance from family members, today we will give importance to relationships only at the time of need.  Any disease will affect the body at a slow pace, which will be known later.

 Taurus (ee, oo, a, o, wa, wee, woo, we, that)

 On this day, a plan of travel will be made in the mind from the morning itself, but in the end time for some reason or the other, it will have to be postponed, even if it happens, it is likely to happen suddenly, do not expect any kind of benefit from the journey, you will have to spend on the contrary.  Today you will feel like a bondage due to some work or relationship, but in future its result will be in your interest in every way.  Even today, there will be less mind in work business, yet there will be possibility of income from old practices, but the profit will be less than expected.  Will plan to borrow for a particular work.  Due to the tendency to show off, fame will increase in the royal society.  You will spend blindly on your comforts but will show compassion for charity.  The atmosphere of the house will remain calm.  Health will be fine except for physical pain and fatigue.

 Gemini👫 (ka, ki, ku, d, , ch, ke, ko, ha)

 Today, in the first half of the day, tomorrow's problem will remain the same, there will be opportunities to earn profit, but due to not being mentally prepared, some other competitor may get it or you will hand it over to others due to not being able to make the right decision.  The atmosphere in the house will become fierce over small things, you will like to spend more time outside, but after the middle of the day, the situation will start improving.  Will try to bury it.  There will be few opportunities for profit in business, yet by evening, you will take out the expenses of the day with a small income.  Jobseekers will not get the fruits of their hard work today, but hard work will surely bear fruit tomorrow if not today.  Stay away from sinful deeds, there may be trouble ahead.  Health will be fine.


 Today, half of the day will be filled with happiness, peace, wish fulfillment and in half of the day, the mind will be in dilemma due to loss, from the beginning of the day till the middle of the day, the circumstances will be favorable for you, take advantage of this.  Although today will remain serious towards you, but there is a possibility of a quarrel with someone outside the house or outside due to laughter or rivalry, due to which the rest of the day will be spoiled in mental disturbance.  There will be no hopeful pace in the work business, yet if needed, we will juggle money from somewhere.  There will be a fierce clash with colleagues regarding working style, be soft in your speech today, otherwise the results will be disturbed in the coming few days.  In the evening, due to the ruckus of minor things in the house, good atmosphere can be spoiled.  It would be more pleasant to talk to outsiders than to family members.  There will be something missing physically and mentally.

 LEO (Ma, Mi, Moo, May, Mo, Ta, Tee, To, Tay)

 Even today, you will have to face various ups and downs. You will definitely get respect from the public sector, but no one will come forward at the time of work only till the time it means.  People whom you used to consider very close to you will also be seen procrastinating in times of need.  Benefit can be availed from the work area only till the middle east, that too in a small amount, after that the circumstances will start becoming harmful.  The restlessness in the mind will increase due to the money invested getting stuck somewhere.  Colleagues will also cooperate only till their own interests are served.  Government matters today will have to run extra because of more entanglements, the officers will give satisfaction, yet the results will disappoint.  Ignoring your mood and giving priority to your comforts by the people of the house will break morale.  Health will also suddenly become soft.

 Virgo (Tow, Pa, Pi, Poo, Sha, N, T, Pe, Po)

 On this day, even after getting all the comforts, you will suffer from a feeling of dissatisfaction.  In the beginning of the day, the family members will get angry for no reason, due to which the atmosphere of the house will be disturbed for some time, due to this those who were thinking to help you will also withdraw in the end time.  But today public behavior will come in handy in some form or the other, neither in the house nor outside, people will help according to their ability when the time comes.  Borrowers will not get the business as expected in the work area, but the economic balance will be disturbed due to the delay of the lenders.  Due to financial reasons, today there will be discord with someone or the other, keep the charge under control, otherwise if things get worse, it will cause further damage.  Job professionals will get to hear bitter things if they do the work of their choice.  There will be some mild heat in health, yet the work will not stop because of this.

 Libra⚖️ (Ra, Ri, Ru, Re, Ro, Ta, Ti, Tu, Te)

 Your daily routine will be slow till noon on this day, due to no solution to the problems of business, you will be immersed in thinking.  In the house too, in despair, you will get into a fight over someone's trivial matter.  There will be faith in religious deeds, but due to greed, one can quickly wander into sinful deeds, even if you do not do religious deeds, but today you should avoid immoral activities, otherwise punishment will be given immediately.  The situation will improve from noon onwards, the business class will get opportunities to earn money from the wrong path, it will be beneficial for the future, but it will be better to do it from tomorrow than today.  The mind can get hurt due to the wrong behavior of brothers and sisters in the family.  There is a possibility of loss of honor from mother or maternal side.  If there is a slight improvement in health, you will be careless, which can worsen again.

 Scorpio (to, na, nee, nu, ne, no, ya, yee, yu)

 Even today, there will be softness in health in the first part of the day, the possibility of any serious disease or injury will become a matter of concern, there is a possibility of surgery, it should be done only when it is very necessary.  From mid-afternoon onwards, the mind will get relief due to the situation becoming normal except for some subjects.  Nevertheless, today, if there are ups and downs in the field of work, the decisions will prove to be wrong for you. Avoid investing in big things. Today, instead of regular income, there is a possibility of sudden profit from the work of share betting etc. Still only after the advice of experienced  Investing in them can ensure profit.  The behavior of a family member will be careless, ignoring each other's needs.  There will be discord with brothers due to money or other reasons, the fault will be yours in this.  Leaving the mother, who will become less than anyone else?  There is a fear of injury due to carelessness.

 sagittarius (Ye, Yo, Bha, Bhi, Bhu, Dha, Fa, Dha, Bhe)

 Even today, there will be small opportunities of profit till half of the day, even after this, the day will be fine from the economic and business point of view, but gradually there will be a gradual softening in health, initially we will ignore it, but due to sudden deterioration, enthusiasm for work will decrease Ignoring health.  Do not do it, otherwise it may be heavy later, you will complete the necessary unfinished work on the work area by noon, money benefits will not be more worry than promising.  But today, do not start work on any new plan by getting greedy, otherwise you will have to leave it incomplete.  You can get beneficial news from the government sector.  The ongoing tussle with family members regarding economic matters will reduce.  Gains from mother or immovable property can be postponed for further time.  The time after evening will be of mental restlessness, take out more time for rest.

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 Capricorn (Bho, Ja, Ji, Khi, Khu, Kha, Kho, Ga, Ge)

 Today will be a relief compared to the past days, but there will be more restlessness in the mind, will show haste in despair, avoid taking any big decision till the middle of the day, otherwise you will have to repent later.  The situation in the work area will remain like tomorrow till mid-afternoon, after which there will be money gain from any old relationship or deal, which will definitely give some relief but not satisfaction.  Today, you will be in the circle of getting huge profits from any means, but if you do not get any help, you will postpone it for the future but will not give up.  Some people on the outside will be hoping for help to understand your image like a rich person, but due to the adverse situation inside, they will express their inability to help.  There will be improvement in the domestic environment in the evening, yet avoid getting charged, otherwise do not expect peace and happiness from home.  Due to sudden increase in Vata Kapha in the body, health will be soft.

 Aquarius (Gu, Gay, Go, Sa, Si, Su, Se, So, Da)

 On this day, you will be uncomfortable when the work of home and work area comes together.  Despite the workload, working slowly in the initial part of the day will make the routine chaotic.  Due to the increasing interference of other people in the field of work, there will be trouble in serving one's own interests, yet we will not allow ourselves to become helpless like yesterday, by suppressing arrogance according to our nature, we will work according to our mind, inflow of money today in small amounts but need  Will be done accordingly.  Today, your expenses will also be princely, you will not skimp for the convenience, due to which the family members will also remain happy.  The evening time will be spent more happily than the day.  Even if there are slight ups and downs in health, it will not become a hindrance.

 Pisces (Di, Du, Th, Jha, J, De, Do, Cha, Chi)

 Today, in the first half of the day, you will get to hear the truth from the family members, your attention will also be more in the things here and there, you will not be so serious about your work as you will show interest in foreign quarrels.  But once you get involved in any work, you will go away only after completing it seriously.  There will not be much possibility of profit on this day, yet due to accident, interest and enthusiasm towards work will increase.  By performing better in the job profession, you will become an officer of respect, there will also be opportunities to make extra income, but due to being more hardworking, you can postpone.  After the evening, there will be a small tussle to make your supremacy in the house, yet the environment will give happiness, in future, expenditure plans can also be made for increasing happiness.  Health will be fine though, but don't bother ignoring the body, take care of it.

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