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What is Mangal Dosha

 What is Mangal Dosha ? 

Remedies for Mangal Dosha..

Mangal Dosha, which is one of the most controversial words in Vedic Astrology is now an easy target or blame for a variety of. The terms Manglik Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Kuja Dosha are looming big and are a major factor in marriage-related issues, specifically for women in India. Any couple who is experiencing delays in their marriage, having issues with marriage or having issues with their marriage, will find Mangal Dosha as a cause for it in the majority of instances. There are however, a variety of theories and explanations for Mangal Dosha. 

Was is the Manglik/Kuja Dishha?

Answer: A spot in the horoscope resulting from Mars can be Mangal Dosha. Also known by the name of Manglik Dosha, it is believed to cause problems for married couples. The nature and severity of the problem is not identical however, they are influenced by Mars's location in the Horoscope. Numerous websites are based on performing an instant Mangal Dosha analysis and recommending Mangal Dosha remedies. But is this true?

I've been practicing Vedic Astrology for over more than two decades, and I have seen very few people from India that have Mangal Dosha in Kundali that cannot be neutralized. The entire idea and theology behind Mangal Dosha is erroneous and incorrectly applied. Manglik Dosha is not a valid option for the horoscope due to:

1. Could just one star, Mars, gets so strong that it takes away the positive energy of the other planets.

2. How do the other planets remain silent, while letting Mars perform all its dirty tricks?

3. If Mars creates Mangal Dosh in Kundali the other planets that are malefic such as Saturn will also be able to create Shani Dosha.

4. Mars is a malefic planet, however as a lordship, exaltation, and so on. nearly seventy percent of the time, it fulfills an important role in being a supporting planet in the Horoscope.

If all of the above assumptions apply to a horoscope who is the one to frighten the masses by presenting this false Yoga? My research revealed that all those with little or are not aware of horoscope reading practice this Yoga frequently since it's simple to perform an Mangal Dosha check based on Mars location.

If the spectre associated with this Yoga is hanging over your mind, utilize a reliable Mangal Dosha calculator and then seek out an expert in reading Horoscopes.

Here are the answers to a some of the questions that could be bothering you:

Is Mars from the 2nd house produce Mangal Dosha?

Answer The answer is no, Mars in the second house is not the one that creates Mangal Dosha. Certain north Indian Astrologers are of a different opinion however the truth of the matter is that Mars when it is malefic causes problems in the house in which it is located in. Therefore, the most effective method is to have your Horoscope assessed and then perform the simple Mangal Dosha remedies.

What is  Mangal Dosha

To verify Mangal Dosha to determine Mangal Dosha, one needs to look at the position of Mars in the 1st house 4th house 7th house 8th house, and 12th house of an Horoscope. We look at the Moon signification to determine for the Mangal Dosha. Numerous websites for astrology, including mine. They also provide calculators that can be used to determine Mangal Dosha.

Manglik Dosha. It is possible to discover the basic information on Manglik Dosha but it's best to verify it by an experienced psychic. Since its potential is different, which determines the high Mangal Dosha, low Mangal Dosha, and an even Mangal Dosha, but only consult an expert for any misconceptions about Mangal Dosha. I'm going to remind you that there are a variety of ways to evaluate the power that are associated with Manglik Dosha in an Horoscope.

Mangal/Kuja Dosha end after the age of

Answer Yes, Mangal Dosha does not expire after the 28th year of age. If you have a Dosha is in any horoscope, it will be there for the duration of time. According to Vedic theology of astrology Mars transforms to a new form following the year 28 of native age. The power or intensity of Mars is channeled after the 28th year, however this is not the case with the astrology of marriage.

Is it possible to remove Manglik Dosha?

Answer: You will never be free of Mangal Dosha If it's present in your Horoscope. However, you should take a Manglik Dosha test; it is a great chance that you don't have this Dosha in any way. The majority of Mangliks who come into my office don't possess the Dosha.

Do Manglik/Kuja Dosha delay their wedding?

Answer: Of the many impacts of Mangal Dosha One of the effects is the fact that it could delay the marriage. However, Mars does not act as a stand-alone entity. Another planet could be acting as the only delayer and Mars could be causing the problem. It is best to try some Manglik Dosha remedies after consulting an Astrologer.

Does anyone have a solution to treat Kuja/Mangal Dosha?

The answer is that there are a variety of Manglik Dosha remedies. However, one must be aware enough to know the remedy that is most suitable for you. Mars is a therapist of temperament, nature, unintentional desires and aggression, as well as assertions or blind following. 

If one develops one or more of these traits this will impact the marital aspect. It is therefore recommended to conduct Manglik Dosha test and adhere to the recommendations of an astrologer who is a karma corrector.

 An astrologer who is karma corrector will carefully identify the Manglik characteristics of a girl or Manglik boy traits as well as suggest methods to change the nature of. Therefore, the most effective remedy to treat Mangal Dosha is to correct your karmic patterns and not adhering to the flimsy rituals of materiality, that will not benefit you, but could, in fact could harm you.

 These remedies are likely to make you think about the future and you could be able to attribute any issue, particularly those in marriage due to the planet Mars. If I were you to want to know my opinion, the best solution for Manglik Dosha should be to get married following the compatibility charts. This will permit your partner to allow the horoscopes of your potential spouse balance the features and power of Mars in your horoscope.

What happens when Manglik Dosha gets formed in the form of a Kundli?

Answer: To verify for yourself, check out this Mangal Dosha Calculator on this website. You will be able to get an authentic mangal Dosha test. You can test whether they are affected by Manglik Dosha theoretically but to know the real effects of Mangal Dosha, you should seek out a reputable marriage Astrologer.

Can an Manglik be married to someone else?

Answer: Ah, this mythology is the source of all myths and doubts regarding Manglik Dosha. Let me make it clear, it is true that Mangliks can marry. Manglik can be married to an un-Manglik, and vice versa. Like I said Do not hold any doubts in your head w.r.t. to this issue. The first is that you may not possess an answer to this question. 

Firstly, you may not have a Manglik Dosha in any way and even if you do are blessed with it in your life, it is not a Manglik is likely to marry an un-Manglik. I'm not planning to provide more astrological explanations in this article, to avoid any sort of misconceptions. These decisions are horoscope-specific therefore it is best to consult an experienced astrologer prior to formulating your thoughts or making any choice.

The best method to handle Dosha Dosha

The most effective way to combat Kuja/Manglik Dosha is to first determine whether you are actually carrying this Kuja Dosha and I can say that over 50% of people will discover that they don't have the Kuja Dosha.

 If you are still in a state of doubt regarding this Kuja Dosha be sure to check the potency that it. Kuja Dosha and then finally get married following the horoscope matches in accordance with the general compatibility factors for marriage. If one can follow these three steps it is unlikely to believe that the Kuja Dosha can bother you.

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