Saturday 12 February 2022


 Do Not Mistakenly

Consumption of these items with tea has a bad effect on the body.

Tea comes more with fun snacks. More and more people are eating what they need with tea. But there are many things that can cause serious illness if eaten with tea. So let me tell you never to consume these things with tea.


Don’t eat gram flour with tea

More and more people prefer to drink tea with fritters. But let me tell you that things made from gram flour should never be consumed with tea. Eating besan with tea depletes the body of nutrients. This can lead to digestive problems.

Don’t take lemon with tea

Do not accidentally eat anything with tea that contains lemon. Eating lemonade with tea can cause gas, constipation, and digestive problems.

Do not consume anything cold after drinking tea

Do not eat water or anything cold after drinking tea. This can lead to cold sores. In addition, the digestive system is weakened.

Do not eat salt with a tea

Never consume salt with tea. Doing so increases the risk of developing diabetes. In addition, there is a problem with heartburn.

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