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Encouraging primary school teachers with 'Talent Teacher Certificate

 Encouraging primary school teachers with 'Talent Teacher Certificate

  to the above subject and context, to state that as per the resolution of the Department of Education dated  the primary teacher who is doing excellent educational work in the primary school of the state and is enthusiastically active in school, co-curricular activities, innovative experiments, social contribution etc.  With the noble intention of encouraging the teacher, a scheme has been implemented to give “Talented Teacher Certificate” to the primary teacher head teacher.  Under this scheme, primary teacher head teachers are to be given "talented teacher certificates"

 The following points need to be considered.  To give talented teacher certification per cluster across the state and per semester

 A teacher will have to select the head teacher.  No minimum service is required for a talented teacher and throughout service

 Will be available only once.   Based on the teacher's own attendance, attendance of students of their standard, unit test grading, evaluation of merit school accreditation, result of semester examination, result of annual examination etc.

Will have to evaluate,

 Special work done by the teacher for 20% weightage in any other social and educational contribution as well as special work done in the last five years such as writing articles in national and international publications, annual evaluation, the teacher enthusiastically participates in school activities and the teacher receives regular training.  Etc. should be evaluated from the activity,

The following selection committee should be formed to select the "Talented Teacher Certificate".

Considering the overall aspects of the aforesaid grading, as per the provisions of the Resolution of the Department of Education dated , each CRCA prepared a list of three names for "Talented Teacher" after face to face visit and after inspecting the work of the talented teacher, Taluka  Must be placed before the committee by.

 → According to the criteria given by the taluka committee in the resolution of the education department dated , for the weight of 30 CRC.  After inspecting the three names through face to face interview, the list of three names according to the evaluated order should be sent to Vidya Samiksha Kendra Gandhinagar by 7/08/207 Saturday.

 Details sheet to be provided by Vidya Samiksha Kendra, Gandhinagar.
the resolution, 30 weightage is indicated by Vidya Samiksha Kendra.  From the three names per cluster, Vidya Samiksha Kendra Gandhinagar filled in the details in the prescribed form from the available data, summarizing the marks obtained on the basis of 50% weightage given on the basis of these details and the marks obtained on the basis of 90% weightage given by the Taluka Committee, evaluated the talented teachers.  To send the list of names in three order to the Director, Office of Primary Education, Gandhinagar and the concerned District Primary Education Officer by Thursday.

 Will be.  List of names of three talented teachers sent by Vidya Samiksha Kendra, Gandhinagar as per the above details

 And should be sent to Talim Bhavan byRe-verification of the work of these talented teachers by personally visiting the talented teachers of the District Education and Training Bhavan of that district, the name of one talented teacher selected from the three names, to the concerned District Primary Education Officer by   Must be returned,

 In case of re-verification by the lecturer (liaison lecturer) of the concerned District Education and Training Building, the first rank out of the three names should be selected on the basis of merit, if not deemed suitable, then the next rank teacher should be selected, first rank should be given,  Will be.

 District Primary Education Officer re-examined through Lecture, District Education and Training Bhavan

 Cluster wise list of the name of a talented teacher, in Shruti font in the prescribed form given below and also in Excel sheet.  Will be.

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Encouraging primary school teachers with 'Talent Teacher Certificate
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